Seramis is among the most popular high quality (inorganic) soil components available in which to plant your bonsai.

Here's the *SERAMIS water absorption trial demonstrated by Dave Pearson from the SERAMIS R&D department .

  • 7.5 litre bag: 140/-

    Simple, clean and safe to handle.

    Absorbs and gradually releases water.

    Optimal oxygen supply to roots.

    Nutrients for healthy growth.

  • 14 March 2017 - click to enlarge

    Roots and tree dramatically cut back....

  • 14 April 2017 - click to enlarge

    Four weeks later, potted with 100% Seramis.

Please note that this page and products featured are not subsisidised or paid for in any way or manner by Seramis, it is my, and many other bonsai artists, personal recommendation on the quality and performance of Seramis for use in bonsai cultivation....I would use nothing else, you will notice when you visit our bonsai collection.

Rob Macnair