Holiday Care, Tree Recovery, Long-term Boarding, Re-potting & more...

Boarding your Bonsai is one of the most important things we do here at Bonsai Middle East. Whether you are going on vacation or your trees simply need some TLC, your Bonsai are our priority.

Our basic boarding service includes a diagnosis upon drop-off with a recommendation for needed length of stay, and daily care. If your tree is here for an extended stay we also include maintenance pruning and feeding.


    • 35/- per week for trees up to 60cms (including pot)
    • 55/- per week for trees 60cms and over, up to 90cms (including pot)


Size of the tree is measured by the height or width, whichever is greater.
Specimen trees (superior quality): prices are quoted on an individual basis.


Depending upon age, variety and health of your bonsai...It will need root trimming and new potting medium at some point!

Re-potting fees

Standard re-pot into customer's pot up to 35cms: 150/-

Standard re-pot into customer's pot 36cms to 55cms: 200/-

Large trees: 60cms to 1.1mtr maximum in height: 450/-

We have a small selection of pots for sale, sizes are mainly 26cm glazed oval and 32cm glazed oval: 160/- and 180/- respectively. Larger Yixing pots are also in stock, these are un-glazed, prices upon request.

Re-potting is carried out at a professional level. This includes, fixing the tree with bonsai wire to ensure the tree is stable in the pot while using our top qulaity potting medium. Re-potting is carried out at a time at our discretion. The tree should be left with us for a minimum of seven days to ensure the tree has 'settled'.

It is a good idea to visit and discuss various options and ideas.